Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where my pitches at?

Double header tonight!

I am sort of nervous, but I think we will do just fine!

We play the dirt devils and monsters... I don't know how they are but hopefully they all won't hit homeruns!

I love looking up crazy co ed names and an example is the title... some others are:

Master Baiters
Thongs and Dongs
Pitch Slappers
No Glove No Love
Poles and Holes

haha they were all pretty funny.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1 game down, 9 more to go

First game last night, we lost but we all did very well!

Can't help when monster dudes hit homeruns LOL

I played right field and only one got over my head but the lights are kind of blinding, remember the field lights are on, it's 9:15 at night.

I hit pretty decent, only got on base once, but I got all the way around and scored when the batter hit me in.

Cool rule, when a man walks, he automatically goes to second and the woman batter up gets a choice to walk or hit. Well, we so happened to have bases loaded and the man walked, he went to second, in came two runs because the female batter walked too.

Next game(s) are Thursday, I am excited to play again. I am thankful to have such wonderful teammates that are fun to play with!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh, it's Monday

Monday, already?

I have my first softball game tonight and to be honest, I am a tad bit nervous, hell I have never played against dudes with arms bigger than both my legs put together.

We are called the Misfitz... we have some interesting people on the team, to say the least. We really have some "gold gloves" out there! haha sarcasm

Most of our games are at 9:15.... 9:15 I know! HELLO that is my bedtime, I will most certainly have to nap before I go, otherwise, I will be falling asleep and might get hit in the head with a ball. Not pretty. LOL

Oh well... go # 4!........ uh that's me! =P LOL

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

*The color blue
*Nature pictures
*Sakura Japanese food
*People who hold doors open for me
*3 T's
*Flowers, all sorts
*Mark Wahlberg
*My parents
*Playing tennis
*Abby & Emma
*Having people tell me I look pretty
*People at work who make me laugh
*When I make other people happy
*Finding things on sale

I am sure there are countless others but I am drawing blanks, maybe a part 2 is in store lol...

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun Facts

I like to read about fun facts... so I thought that I would share some.

*Flea's can jump 130 times higher than their own height. In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air. -dang!

*The cigarette lighter was invented before the match. -who would have thunk!

*The average chocolate bar has 8 insect legs in it. -YUMMY!

*You share your birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world. - Crazy, I haven't met anybody with my exact birth date yet.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am just "blah" today... maybe it's because I have to get my braces adjusted... okay well I know it's one of the reasons, I hate pain in my mouth ugh!

They always seem to hurt me everytime I go there, snag my lip, poke my gums, snap a rubber band, use those god awful mouth stretchers!

My life is upside down... I've realized through not only me, sitting here stewing on just thoughts that come & go in my head but other people.... I am the only person who can make myself truly happy.

I've also realized that I truly, will never be "single"... HE will always be there and I get depressed thinking of it. I know, I know. I need to just kick him out the door, but he's not a bad person and I'm too nice.

I wish things were different....I wish I could let go of the past.

All I want is the little (two story) house with a big front porch. I feel as if I will never get it, or ever be married.

Wow, I have totally rambled. On a good note, I should be getting a pedicure tomorrow if the chick doesn't bail out on me, but if she bails, I save money so it's not all bad LOL

Just have to see what the future holds.

"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs. Vance Havner

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30

Wow, only 1 more day and then it's officially August. Hard to believe, seems like yesterday it was just my birthday!

Not much happening in my life, pretty boring, pretty sad, but what else is new right?

I am now on a co-ed softball team and I am going to play outfield b/c I don't want to hurt my pretty little face in the infield haha.

They have some of the strangest rules (in my opinion)

*If a man hits and gets on base the woman who bats next (the line up has to be man, woman, man, etc) can either choose to hit or choose to walk. Well, I mean in some situations it would be beneficial to walk, but come on now, it's freaking SLOW PITCH softball, hit the damn ball!

* You have to use two different size balls, one 11 inch to pitch to the females and the 12 inch to pitch to the males. I personally prefer the 12 inch.

*If you have a male pitcher you have to have a female catcher and vice versa. I hear that a lot of women don't like to pitch b/c of the fact the ball comes back at them.

*There is a $50 charge to protest a call, 50 bucks! I am not sure what kind of call, whether it's judgemental or what but it said it takes like a week to review. HELLO don't you think you should rule at that time. However, if you win then you get your $50 back LOL

Anyways, I hope that it's fun!